Flame of Grace Healing Ministry - Reverend Gita Beth Bryant
Thank you for your interest in my services
As an independent Interfaith Minister, I have the freedom to serve people of all faiths, or those with no formal affiliation at all. I meet so many people in my work who tell me some version of, "I'm not really religious, but I feel I am a very spiritual person." I am especially drawn to work with these folks, to help provide a sacred context for life's experiences.
Are you a couple looking for a spiritually-oriented celebrant for your unique wedding? Or a family looking for guidance in designing a child blessing? Are you preparing to say goodbye to a loved one, either human or animal? Together, we can create ceremonies and rites of passage that best reflect your own beliefs and intentions.
Perhaps you are looking for support in your healing journey. Together, we can find the combination of pastoral counseling, energy work, and meditation practice that best addresses where you are now in your process.
Whether you are interested in finding a celebrant for a public event, a facilitator for private healing work, or a meditation teacher, I would be delighted to speak with you, and explore how I might be of service!
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