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Fees and Policies for Services & Classes
I’m so pleased you are interested in the services I offer.
In my healing, pastoral and teaching work, I am fully committed to providing the best of which I am capable.
This information is intended to clarify what I ask of you in return.
In this way, our work together becomes a mutually beneficial partnership!
  • first session 90 minutes.....................$90-125
  • 1 hour (approx.) private sessions..........$75-100 sliding scale
  • 4-session series..............................$250
          (to be completed within 60 days)
  • ½ hr. sample session or child session.....$40 
  • ½ hour Distant Reiki......................$50 (scheduled during bed rest, surgery, or meditation time)
Please feel free to ask for information about any of these options, and to discuss fees. Finances should never be an insurmountable obstacle to healing work!
Create the wedding 
of your dreams with me...

one that speaks from your own hearts,
combining as much as you wish
from any traditions 
with personalized elements that reflect
your unique relationship and shared vision.

  • Officiating at Weddings ...........................$500 base fee
          additional meeting, travel, 
          & rehearsal time .........$50 per hour
  • Child Blessings & Memorial donation   
  • Private Mentoring Sessions  ......................$75-100 sliding scale                          (individuals or couples)
WHERE: All private sessions & most classes are conducted at my home office in Burlington, MA; the exceptions are home or hospital visits, or classes occasionally offered at other locations.
Directions will be emailed when we have scheduled your appointment.
You may also email me or call…
With all my heart, I look forward to serving you.

 PART 1: Breathe – Relax – Release
What, me sit and do nothing for ten minutes? You must be kidding!
I’ll either fall asleep or my mind will drive me nuts!
Well, it “ain’t necessarily so!”
Everyone alive can breathe. 
Everyone with a mind can learn to focus that mind.
Everyone with a body can find a space of ease and freedom in that body.
Come and be coached in "mindfulness", the beginning steps to a deep and rewarding relaxation practice.

PART 2:  Tap the Power Source Within
Yes, you, too can learn to love the riches revealed by simple visualization and evocation.
In short, guided meditations, we will explore the unlimited universe of imagination.
Everyone knows how to daydream; we’ve been doing it since early childhood!
Now, learn how to focus that power to go deeper into your own inner reservoir of vision, inspiration, renewal and healing energy.
Find the inner freedom to choose joy, zest, and love no matter what!
PART 3The Wisdom of Silence
True meditation is a natural state of consciousness, as essential to the total human experience as waking, sleeping, and dreaming.
Have we “forgotten” how to be still? 
Have we forgotten how to be utterly content in the simple, listening silence of our own inner being?
We will build on the foundation of the earlier classes to discover the pathways into the unbounded inner realm.
In that realm, we will come to “remember” our innate wisdom.
In that simple practice of meditation, we will refresh our deep connection to who we really are, our spiritual essence.
As we come to live from that True Self, our experience of life is transformed to one full of meaning, richness, and presence.

In the Reiki I training, you will:
  • Learn the inspiring story of the birth & dissemination of Reiki
  • Learn to invoke this profound energy for yourself & others
  • Receive the four initiations of Reiki I
  • Receive specific instructions for establishing the Reiki connection for optimal effect
  • Have access to practice sessions
 In Reiki II training, you will:
  • Learn how to gain deeper insight into soul-level healing through the cell-memory process
  • Learn how to re-program dysfunctional emotional & belief patterns
  • Learn how to release old "karmic" patterns
  • Learn how to apply Reiki to groups & situations
  • Learn how to offer Reiki at a distance
  • Receive the Reiki II initiation
Certificates are supplied for each level of initiation.

I also offer Professional Degree and Mastership initiation & training.

Most classes & trainings are offered 2-3 times every year; 
please call 781-538-5778
or email for the upcoming schedule.
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