Reverend Gita Beth Bryant - Spiritual Mentoring, Reiki & Energy Healing in Burlington, MA
Reverend Gita Beth Bryant
Interfaith Minister & Reiki Master Teacher
Gita began her work life gaining a solid grounding in health sciences as a student at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois.  After three years of acquiring knowledge in the field of physical health, she felt called to renew her vocation in the realm of spiritual & energetic healing. After exploring many energy-healing systems, she became a Reiki Master in 1995, incorporating Reiki into both her personal and pastoral practices. Her work with clients includes chakra balancing, sound healing, and karma-clearing techniques.
Having studied theology and philosophy at Wesleyan University, she extended these studies into global traditions. She trained as a yoga and meditation teacher in several spiritual communities from 1970 to 1974. In 1975, she met her true meditation master, and continued her education while serving and training in his, and his successor's, ashrams and centers, both in the U.S. and in India. Her commitment to the life of spirit is strengthened by her own daily spiritual practices, ongoing discipleship, and her counseling, teaching, and healing work.
Gita’s calling as a pastoral mentor arose out of her sojourn as co-director of Unicorn Books & Spiritual Resource Center, a major contributor to the metaphysical community in New England from 1980-2006. Her meditation students, Tarot clients, and colleagues encouraged her to offer her service to a larger audience. After much work, study, and contemplation, she became an ordained interfaith minister in the Universal Brotherhood, an international community of healers from a wide variety of paths and disciplines.
She now composes and officiates at weddings and other life-passage ceremonies, as well as counsels private clients using Reiki, Energy-Clearing Techniques, Meditation, and Self-Inquiry. She is also a poet and freelance writer, in love with the process of using language to express the transcendent worlds of both personal inner transformation and universal mystical experience.

Gita lives and works in Burlington, MA. She is the devoted step-mom of two grown offspring. 
A very kind client shared this about his experience:
“Gita Beth Bryant has that rare combination of acquired medical knowledge, the skill and experience of a trained professional, and the compassionate wisdom of an angel. I have been treated by a fair number of practitioners of both western and eastern medical traditions. These have included many MDs, several chiropractors, at least three acupuncturists, and a variety of so-called energy healers.  Not one of them has provided the immediate and deeply restorative results I receive at each an every session with Gita. She masterfully combines her professional knowledge and experience with inspired counsel and guidance.  That is why I am a regular and continuing client.”
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