Reverend Gita Beth Bryant - Spiritual Mentoring, Reiki & Energy Healing in Burlington, MA
Energy Healing
As offered by Gita Beth Bryant
Ordained Minister & Reiki Master
What IS “Energy Healing”?
What can it really do?
Most of us already suspect that we are made up of a LOT more than meets the eye. In fact, the frontier science of quantum physics confirms that the ancient wisdom teachings regarding the whole universe as an expression of energy have been true all along!
While most conventional medicine works on the physical level of function, energy work addresses dysfunction in our “subtle bodies” --- the emotional, mental, and “soul” bodies. These interpenetrate the physical body in much the same way as water, atmosphere, and solar radiation surround and interpenetrate the solid substance of Earth. The layers of these subtle bodies have been mapped in many different systems as the meridians in Chinese medicine, the Chakras and Nadis in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, the Soul Chambers of Shamanic medicine, the Interior Castle of Christian Mysticism, and the branches & spheres of the Kabbalist Tree of Life to name a few.
Ideally, Energy Medicine should be employed as complementary, rather than alternative, healing. Reiki is being used widely in hospitals; it supports all other conventional approaches to “dis-ease” treatment as well as wellness care. It especially focuses on the true meaning of healing as a restoration of WHOLENESS --- not necessarily a cure, but an integrated sense of life & self that ultimately allows for an overall perspective of well-being and serenity, encompassing all aspects of an individual’s challenges and experiences.

Energy Medicine can help to:
  • Reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Decrease healing time after surgery or injury
  • Mitigate pain
  • Minimize symptoms from radiation or chemotherapy
  • Boost the immune system
  • Teach you to meditate
  • Lighten the burden of past karmas
  • Find your inner source of joy
Energy healers use a wide variety of techniques --- from the highly structured to the entirely intuitive --- to work with our natural healing capacity. The intention is always to restore full energy flow everywhere, to replenish the reservoir of life force, and to help access the inner source of healing --- that essential part of all of us that KNOWS the way back to wholeness in all aspects of our lives.
In my sessions, I utilize:
  • Reiki
  • Sound Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Karma "Clearing"
  • Guided Visualization
  • Invocation

What is Reiki?
How do I utilize it?
The traditional Usui System of Reiki Healing protects and supports the healer by “aligning” her energy system with a particularly powerful lineage of healing masters. This enables her (or him) to serve as a conduit for Universal Life Energy (so it’s not their own limited energy being tapped, but an infinite source).
Reiki “training” consists of a progressive series of initiations, along with instruction in the use of specific techniques. Mastership ideally requires at least a year of apprenticeship, including supervised healing sessions and teaching (although some lineages truncate this period).
In an hour-long session, I personally use this Reiki alignment as my “platform” of support and protection. From this platform, I work primarily intuitively. I may also be guided to recruit additional energy healing techniques. Often, memories or symbolic images arise. These may be voiced as suggestions for meditation or contemplation.            
This work is gentle but profound. It’s gentle because the “healer” is entirely in service to your own inner guidance, rather than imposing her own will (how do YOU want to heal right now, in this moment?). It’s profound because the sacred, loving Reiki space opens the doorway to unlimited potential for healing, insight, and transformation (how deeply do YOU want to go, at this point in your life, and beyond?).
Energy work can help you find your way, both into the fullness of the present and into the future you want to manifest. The Reiki experience can also help you access and activate your own healing power, so the transformative process continues between sessions.
Try this simple self-healing exercise:
  • Choose a quiet 10 minutes where you have no external distractions.
          You may even set a timer.
  • Sit with a gently elongated spine, cross-legged on the floor, or on a chair with your feet parallel and flat on the floor.
  • Place your hands side by side on the crown of your head.
  • Breathe deeply into your belly.
  • Imagine warm, golden light pouring through your hands into the crown of your head and down into your heart.
  • Do this for ten slow, full breaths.
  • Move your hands to your heart, and imagine the flood of honeyed light continue to pour in through your head, to your heart, down your arms to your hands, and out to every cell of your body.
Do this for the remainder of the ten minutes.
Do this as often as you wish (you really can’t “overdose”!).
As you get more practiced at stilling the mind, you can add a Positive Truth Affirmation to your self-healing sessions.
I will be happy to assist you in focusing your intentions to form affirmations.


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