Reverend Gita Beth Bryant - Spiritual Mentoring, Reiki & Energy Healing in Burlington, MA
Thank you for your interest in my services

  • As an INDEPENDENT INTERFAITH MINISTER, I have the freedom to serve people of all faiths, or those with no formal affiliation at all. I meet so many people in my work who tell me some version of, "I'm not really religious, but I feel I am a very spiritual person." I am especially drawn to work with these folks, to help provide a sacred context for life's experiences.
  • WEDDINGS & CEREMONIES: Are you a couple looking for a spiritually-oriented celebrant for your unique wedding? 
          ...Or a family looking for guidance in designing a child blessing? 
          ...Are you preparing to say goodbye to a loved one, 
              either human or animal? 
          ...Together, we can create ceremonies and rites of passage that 
              best reflect your own beliefs and intentions.
  • PRIVATE MENTORING: Perhaps you are looking for SUPPORT IN YOUR HEALING JOURNEY. Together, we can find the combination of pastoral counseling, Reiki/energy work, and meditation practice that best addresses where you are now in your process.

  • CLASSES & TRAININGSMy classes are all about shared practice and the inspiration that comes from group energy:

Whether you are interested in finding a celebrant for a public event, a facilitator for private healing work, or a meditation teacher, I would be delighted to speak with you, and explore how I might be of service!
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